Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{ August- Utah Trip }

Going home is always the highlight of my summer! I love being with my family and Utah Summers are just pretty much wonderful.
Flying home to Utah! This baby fell asleep. Lucky me!

Jack loves Peyton. He specifically wanted her to read him this book.

It is so fun to have all these little boys around!

I love spending time with my sisters! They really are my best friends!

Utah Summers are amazing! It is beautiful outside! Notice we aren't dripping in sweat?

Avery was baptized! It was so special to be there for her special day!

Jack loved the babies!

We had fun at the rodeo! I was amazed that Jack lasted through the whole thing.

Playing at the Dinosaur Museum was fun!

He loved looking at everything! His cousins were wanting to make sure he saw it all!

Jack had the best time playing in the splash pads!

The girls sort of kidnapped the neighbors cat for a morning. Jack was captivated by it too.

We took balloons to my Grandpa's grave.

Jack doesn't take balloons popping very well.
Missing and loving my sweet Grandpa!

We had so much fun with Lu and Lila! It's so fun to see our kids together!
I love hanging out in my mom's backyard!

After a rough July, with a mom that liked to lay down a lot, Jack was in heaven to do all these fun things! He loved Farm Country!

He doesn't look like he loved it here, but that is only because he didn't want to sit still to be in the picture.

My cute cousin Kendra was sealed in the temple! I'm so happy for her!

It was great to have a lot of us girl cousins together!

Jack loved having a buddy in the car... Ky not so much. :) My kid is a tormentor.

I'm not sure if he ripped it open on his own, but he looks guilty to me.

Jack is really into throwing his arms back.

Sunday picnic up the canyon. All this kid wanted to do was get the other group's balls. Even though we brought our own.

Ky was always sure to share! He is so sweet to Jack!

Playing outside pretty much naked. We are classy. :)

And of course Jack loved Roscoe.

{ July Highlights }

Went to Heather's for the 4th of July!

It's so fun hanging out in her backyard just letting kids be kids.

Waiting to watch the fireworks. (This month I definitely felt my worst with the pregnancy. It's totally worth it, but feeling like crap for days on end is no fun at all.)

Houston Ship Canal Tour.

Trip to Galveston with the Meier girls.
Time with Jack's aunts.

Jack liked the beach a lot more this time! I accidentally let him get sunburned under his eyes! I felt like mother of the year. :)
Snow Day at the Zoo.

These two are buddies!

Jack seems to always have a bruise or scratch on his face.

Lunch dates with Daddy are our favorite!

I have to say Jack has done pretty good with being carted all over past bedtime for YW.


{ June Highlights }

We went tubing with the YW and YM.

I found out I was pregnant with baby #2!

I went to girls camp a week earlier than planned!

Tracy came to the rescue and babysat Jack and Pippa.

Saturday doughnut runs with Dad.

Jack wanted to live outside. It was never enough time out there.

We had a dinner to celebrate Father's Day with the Meier's and Miriam and Patricio.

Playing over at Miriam's.

Went with the Meier's to Hermann Park.

Happy Father's Day!

I grew up feeding ducks, Jack will grow up feeding some kind of rat. Nasty.

Jack was sick. Sad sweet little baby.