Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{ back to school }

I'm taking summer classes at BYU!
It feels a little strange to be back 3 years later.
Not my favorite classes, but they are a mean to an end.
Just counting down the days until the semester is OVER!

My dad was sure to take a photo before I left for my first day.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{ graduation }

I rarely brag about my husband, but I just have to say how proud I am of this handsome man! He graduated from the University of Chicago Law School, and I couldn't be happier for him! He is such a hard worker. He definitely gave school his all and his efforts paid off. He has been blessed with so many talents and I love seeing him put them to use. I think law school was the perfect fit for Jared. He loved it! I hope the next stage of our lives is filled with just as much fun and growth!

{ packing up }

Oh the joys of packing... The kitchen was definitely my least favorite part to pack. I just know I'm going to open a bunch of boxes full of broken things. We'll just cross our fingers that most of it made it there safely.

The last night we spent in our little apartment was not the most pleasant. All we had left out was a little lap blanket for the two of us. It was the middle of June so we weren't thinking it would be a problem. But we were wrong. We were both FREEZING! We were huddled up with our hoods on trying hard to sleep, but it was nearly impossible. -Note to anyone moving leave out decent blankets to sleep with!-

Saturday, July 2, 2011

{ goodbye chicago }

We will always cherish our years spent in Chicago! It was hard to leave our fun little apartment and all the great friends we made. These are just some of the fun things we tried to squeeze in before we packed up our lives to start a new adventure.
Me & Kenzie How lucky were we to live in such a gorgeous place!

One last girls night with Monica, Elise, and Barbie. These girls are amazing!

Margie's Ice Cream with Patrick and Kenzie. I miss this couple so much already! They are so much fun!

Dinner with Krystal, one of my best friends from hair school.

Bonfire at Promontory Point.

One more rollerblading & beach day.

- Dinner at Kim's house with her family. I worked with Kim in the Primary for almost the whole three years. She does SO much service for our ward. I love her!

Our Church in Hyde Park.

One last sunday night game party! We love people who love games!