Thursday, August 30, 2012

{ i love LOVE love Utah summers }

That's why I booked a ticket for a whole month! It was nothing short of fabulous...
If I didn't miss my husband (& let's be honest my dog) it would have been absolutely perfect!

 Jack got lots of LOVE & I loved showing off my new little man. 

Uncle Dustin and Jack. 

 Aunt Natalie with Jack. So glad my sissy finally met him!

 Jack's cousin Macy.

Uncle John. We had to snap a picture before he starts charging.

Grandma time is the best!

Jack and Lila- Elise's little cutie!

Great Grandma Janice.

The Thomas Family.

Of course Jack had to meet Sadie... and Kevin.

I love my brother!

I've been blessed with the absolute best women in my life. 

I was SO excited to see this handsome man. He's such a good daddy.

I love my little family.

I love all my nieces and nephews so stinkin much!

We went to visit my sweet grandparents grave on my Grandpa's birthday. Love that good man.

I love summer days out in the backyard! The best entertainment ever!

It is so rare that all 5 siblings are together! 

The fun had to end some time. Can't wait until the next trip!
 I didn't get pictures of everyone that I saw, or all the fun we had, but it was great to be home!  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{ we kinda like this guy }

(Just a warning I am trying to figure out my camera, so my pictures from here on out could be a little sketchy.)

- Jack at 3 months old -

-Jack at 4 months old-

 Our favorite things about him lately:

  • He sleeps through the night! 
  • He smiles so big in the morning when we get him out of his crib. 
  • He loves TV. If the TV is on he usually just wants to look at it. (Not to worry I don't just set him in front of the TV all day. :)) 
  • He makes the exact same face every time we blow in his face. 
  • He has starting making more baby noises. I love this!
  • Eating is very emotional for him. 
  • He loves to kick his legs especially at his toy that makes sounds. 
  • He loves when we sing to him. Jared usually sings the Ants go Marching or the Grand Old Duke of York. I have many, but right now it's been a lot of Over in the Meadow, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Give Said the Little Stream, and The Wise Man. 
  • He likes to grab his toys now, and he likes to pull his binky out. 
  • He likes to be in water.
  • We cut his mullet off. He is a baldy. No shame in that. 
  • He's my little buddy to run errands with. He usually ends up falling asleep which makes it easy.
  • He's started to notice Pippa more. I think they are equally unimpressed with each other so far.
  • I love his FAT face. I just want to kiss on him all day!
  • We like to sneak in his nursery after he is asleep and see him.