Wednesday, November 14, 2012

{ halloween FUN }

Hey Jack remember that time:
It cooled off finally and I stuffed you in your lion suit.

 & Meme and Grandpa Kev came and helped me torture you with pictures!

Remember how we found an overpriced pumpkin patch and bought a pumpkin.

Oh and of course we had to take a bunch of pictures there too. 

 And then when you were fast asleep we had friends over and carved a pumpkin.

 Come to find out it was all building up for this moment!

 Maybe it's not so bad...if you just eat it. 

I wish I could get inside their heads. Jack must be thinking, "I'm not so bad. This could have been you!" & Pippa is maybe thinking, "Wow! You must have been really bad."

 Then we had the trunk or treat! 

Happy Halloween!