Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{ 11 months }

This boy is my favorite sidekick. I love being a mom just as much as I thought I would. It really is the best job in the world! I still feel so lucky to just be enjoying this little baby. I don't want him to grow up yet. I feel like they just don't stay small long enough.

Jack @ 11 months:

  •  Is BUSY. Seriously he is constantly moving and breathing loudly as he goes exploring.
  • Loves clapping and tossing his hands up in the air.
  • Is getting good at throwing things.
  • Knows what he wants and will physically and vocally show it.
  • Loves to make a mad dash for the bathroom where Pippa's food is.
  • If you tell him no and move his hand away he will grab your hand and throw it.
  • Loves eating food including: green smoothies, string cheese, yogurt through a straw, roasted red pepper soup, and any sweets he can get out of us.
  • Will sometimes have a very serious face when he is enjoying playing. He concentrates hard.
  • Loves music! He will bob up and down to the tune.
  • Will sometimes pat my head or back when I am holding him and I love it.
  • Cries when anyone leaves our apartment. (Has been doing this for a while.)
  • Is fascinated with babies. He could not keep his eyes off of his new cousins Crew and Alice.
  • Hates getting dressed. He does not want to hold still.
  • Will go sit on Jared's lap or mine when he is tired.
  • Still will not keep shoes or socks on. This has been going on since December.