Thursday, February 26, 2009

Late V-Day

I love Jared more everyday. He really is my best friend. I love spending the simple moments together, mostly because, life with Jared is just fun. We can be the biggest dorks together, but I love that we keep each other laughing. He can make me smile and laugh when I'm down, even if that means he's tickling me against my will saying, "You like it. See you're smiling. I know this makes you happy because you're smiling." He is great at showing me affection and making me feel like a priority in his life. I love him because he is a genuine guy and loves what is right. He's such a strength for me. I love that he likes to get out and do fun things with me. He is a great navigator, and he really loves trains. :) I'm lucky to have such an appreciative husband. He thanks me for little things, like his lunch, everyday. He's also a champ at pac-man. Now that's a skill I really admire. He's a wonderful husband,and I feel so lucky to have him!

For Valentine's Day we went to Cafe Lux for dinner, but wussed out on ice skating because it was freezing. We'll go soon though. :)

. . visitors . .

Heather, Aaron, Hallie, and Peyton all came to visit a couple of weeks ago! It was a short trip, but it was so fun to have family come and visit! Hallie and Peyton are the best little girls, not to mention absolutely adorable! They were so good! We made pancakes and cookies, read stories, painted Hallie's nails (& no John I didn't spill it this time), walked by the lake, played at the park, and just hung out. I loved every second of it! I feel so lucky to have such a great family and the cutest nieces ever!

Three of my closest friends also came to visit! It was so fun to have Abbey, Amber, and Katie here! I feel so lucky to have grown up with such amazing friends. We had a lot of fun seeing some of the sights, shopping, eating great food, catching up and remembering funny times. I've known these girls since I was five and I just love them! They are all hilarious and it's fun because we all know each other so well. I appreciate them making the trip out here so much! Really, they are the best!

Friday, February 6, 2009

i LoVe my nieces and nephew.

I was spoiled over Christmas break because I got to spend lots of time with my nieces and nephew! Now I'm missing them a lot. They are so much fun! I love them so much! I can't wait for Heather to get here this weekend with her two girls. Being an aunt is the best!