Monday, April 16, 2012

{ random everyday }

Get ready for what should have been about 10 blog posts smashed into one!

Jared just got called to serve in the Young Men organization in our church! We are super excited because I am in the Young Women's program, and really who doesn't love working with teenagers?! We took a youth temple trip.

I made my last drive to San Antonio before the baby comes! I babysat Peyton while Heather was on a field trip. It was great to have some one on one time. She kept saying, "I think we are having the MOST fun!"

I just love my sisters! (Can I say that enough?!?) It always feels way too short when we are together.

A temple worker asked me if I was having twins... after I told her I was due in 3 weeks. :)

We went to the Houston Rodeo! We took Ashley with us to see Blake Shelton.

I love dating my husband.

I am NOT a fan of the nasty creatures of Houston! (I know Utah has nasty stuff too, but I have never experienced so many awful critters in such a short time.) We've had roaches, mice, dead mice, spiders, earwig looking things, silverfish, a tick, etc. all in our little apartment.

This baby is growing like crazy! I'm feeling very pregnant and trying to embrace the experience fully!

I made rolls for the first time without my mom! She wasn't answering her phone either... luckily Heather let me call her about 20 times.

I love this boy.

I'm not complaining that I get to see him in a suit everyday, even though he'd rather be in a DARE shirt and cargo shorts.

Jared and I went ice skating! This was our first date and we try to go every year! Ashley came to stay with us a couple of times while Tracy and Kev were traveling. We had lots of fun!

Tracy had a birthday!

We cut and colored Ashley's hair while she was here!
Herman Park may be one of my favorite things about Houston. It's a gorgeous park full of people and puppies!

Monday, April 9, 2012

{ i love having a sister in TX }

My sister came to visit with her three kids! It was so much fun! Her girls have been wanting a puppy, so we were very excited to share ours with them. I was thinking they might not want a dog after being around the real thing- one that can bite, poop, and doesn't always listen- but I think they actually adored Pippa! Sorry Hoey you aren't off the hook. :)

Peyton insisted on holding Ky.

Jared was excited to show off some of Pippa's tricks! Pippa knew she could usually get a treat out of Peyton.

I love Sunday walks! What a gorgeous day in February!

Adorable girls!

This is a miracle picture. Heather doesn't like dogs and she let Pippa sit on her lap! I wasn't even home at the time, so I know it wasn't to appease me. I think she secretly liked her.

There was even a drinking fountain for dogs.

We cut Ky's hair! No more wings.

It was so much fun just to be together! I always love being with family!