Tuesday, May 7, 2013

.my baby is ONE.

My baby is turning into a kid for reals. This year has been so much fun! I love being Jack's mom! Even though my job as mom isn't all that glamorous-by the end of the day I usually smell like baby barf, have food all over my clothes that he has somehow chucked at me or slimed me with, and look pretty exhausted- I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Jack @ 1:
  • Height: 29 inches 25%
  • Weight 21.5 pounds 25%
  • Head: 19 inches 25% (Nice job Jack! Way to be proportionate!)
  • Loves mustard.
  • Can give hugs and kisses on demand.
  • Loves to pull himself and walk around assisted. He has even used the garbage as a walker. He can even turn directions and back up.
  • He LOVES balls. Every ball he sees he thinks is his. This is problematic with fetch, YM basketball, the gym. One ball is never enough. He wants them all.
  • He bobs up and down to the music. Even before the DVD starts he will start bobbing.
  • He will push your hand away if you are trying to help with something or if you are trying to stop him from doing something.
  • He can spot what he wants... and it is usually accompanied by a fit.
  • He loves his new little car to ride in.
  • He is cautious in new situations. At the tune time for example he was so interested in the tunnel, but would only go in after watching up close for about 5 minutes.
  • Thinks it is so funny when we give Pippa a treat.
  • Has done well drinking cow's milk.
  • Loves his minky blanket. He seriously won't nap without it! Which was difficult in Utah when he had a bad case of diarrhea. Grandma Robin bought him another one for his birthday and it was a success!
These pictures aren't the best. More to come... and hopefully I'll catch up on Utah and his birthday party!