Tuesday, November 17, 2009

... F.A.L.L...

I'm getting SO excited to go home for Thanksgiving! I figure that I can't let my next post be about Utah again, because we do actually have a life in Chicago. So I'm finally making a post.

We celebrated my birthday! Regina Spektor was AMAZING live! I loved the mix of the piano, cello, violin, and drums. We had so much fun! (& my Mom sent me these delicious cupcakes! They were incredible!)

All the sailboats went in for the winter. This always makes me a little sad because it means the view from my window is changing from beautiful blue lake to cold iceberg! It was kind of neat to see them lift the bridges to let them through.This is one of my good friends from hair school, Heather.

Halloween was fun this year! We had some friends over and carved some awesome pumpkins. Jared decided he'd be master chef and experiment with different seasonings for the seeds. The fire alarm ended up going off, but some of them turned out pretty good.

On Halloween Jared and I went to the ward party and then went to Navy Pier to watch the fireworks and ride the Ferris Wheel.