Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{ September }

Noah's Ark Pool

It was fun to have Mimi and Grandpa Kev come and join in the fun!

Thirsty at the park.

He is always sticking out his tongue! I think it helps him concentrate.

How could you not adore this face?

I love seeing Jared be a dad. He loves this kid.

Jack didn't like the foam at Toddler Tuesday.

Jack loves the dog park and the puppies love him!

 I tagged along on Jared's Saturday doughnut run with Jack! He told me I'm not invited again if I take pictures.
Jack is super helpful when daddy works from home. Which has been every night these days.

We had an etiquette dinner with the youth!

I celebrated my 26th Birthday! What more could a girl want than to eat a Sprinkles cupcake with her baby.
Happy Birthday to me!

Stake Youth Dance! Definitely got asked to dance... 26, pregnant, and mistaken for a youth. :)

Lunch date with Daddy!

 The Maroneal Park is my favorite!

 Having a dog at meal time means everybody wins!

{ Other August Happenings }

Youth Beach Trip!

My mom came to Houston for a couple of days! I loved having her here! She is just my favorite lady ever! I wish she lived closer...

 Sword fighting with sticks! We like going on walks. Although it is never enough for Jack.

We had a great time at the Butterfly Center!

 Jack kept pointing at the Iguana yelling. He wanted other people to look at it!
I love this little family of mine. I feel like the luckiest girl!

{ August continued...Fifth Anniversary }

We celebrated our FIFTH anniversary! We are so lucky to have each other! It is so fun to be married to your best friend!
{ We were all engaged and about to float the nasty Jordan River. We were babies. }
{ 08/08/08 }
Our anniversary trip to Cancun turned out to be a bust! On our second night there we both got food poisoning and were SOOO sick the rest of the time! Seriously we were wiped out! It wasn't really how we pictured our nice little get away, but at least it was beautiful, right?

My mom and Heather took great care of Jack while we were gone! He was in heaven to play with his cousins for a few days! I think he wanted to move in!