Thursday, June 2, 2011

{ sometimes it's nice to just get away }

We spent the weekend in Indiana with two of our good friends, Patrick and Kenzie. They live in the most amazing place! They live right on a lake where everyone has docks right in their backyards. Literally they could boat from one of their homes to the other on a different lake! I swear when I was little I thought that kind of place was imaginary. It was so pretty! Their parents were so kind to us and made us lots of yummy food!

We watched a lot of good TV. (Jared and I have been missing out on quite the entertainment cable offers.) We went boating. We went to a turtle race, mostly on accident. We went to a great Mexican restaurant. We Played with their awesome pet dog and cat, & just had a really amazing time!

It was wonderful to get away and forget all our troubles.