Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{ We did something CRAZY }

This story begins back in December when we babysat this little puppy, Oscar, before Katie gave him to Adam for Christmas. We had so much fun with the little thing that after he was gone we started to feel some major puppy hunger.

So innocently we browsed some classifieds for puppies just to SEE what was out there. Nobody just looks at puppies though...
One day I had sent Jared a link to an ad of a cute little maltipoo. (Jared refuses to call it that... it is a mix of a maltese and a poodle.) When Jared got home at 7 I hadn't so much as spoken to the owners of the dog, but by 8:00 I had a puppy on my lap! It all happened so fast. I felt rushed. I was excited/nervous/regretful/in shock- pretty much just an array of emotions. (If I called you frantically in the moment you know I was being a crazy person!)
So we brought home this little girl.

We named her Pippa. She was so worked up the first night and I wasn't a fan of that. She diarrhea-ed on my kitchen floor and I really didn't like that. She cried in the night. I wasn't sure I could deal with that. Jared and I layed in bed that night and confessed to each other that we were afraid we didn't love her. :) We thought it was a bad sign that we loved Oscar more.

So the next day before Jared left for work he told me to make the ad. (He claims that he just meant make it in case, he wasn't thinking I'd actually post it!) He helped me take a few pictures before he left for work and by lunch time the ad was posted!

In those short hours I had her, I realized I had a very NEEDY puppy on my hands. She literally cried if I wouldn't hold her when I was going to the bathroom. When I got in the tub, even though she was right next to it and I was even petting her, she about had a heart attack. She was always right there wanting me to hold her. It was so silly.
( I don't let her get on my white rug, but she LOVES it
So before we sold her we let her nuzzle into it! She was so HAPPY)

Well within hours of posting the ad I had TONS of people wanting her! Again I didn't even really have time to think about it. Before I knew it Jared and I were on our way to meet her new owner with her crate etc. in our hands. Of course the girl wanted her. Who holds a puppy and doesn't buy it?

The story doesn't end there... Our 24 hour dog turned into our permanent (or permanent for now) dog.
The next day I woke up kind of sad that she was gone. I was regretting that I didn't give it more time. It was this little puppy's first day away from her mom and sisters so I should have given her some slack. When I came home from the gym to an empty house I was really sad. I was thinking a crazy, needy dog is better than an empty apartment all the time. So after talking to my sister, she said I could just text the girl to see how it went. I was sad when she responded that it went well. BUT....
a few hours later she texted me to tell me that she was worried because she works 6 12 hour shifts every other week. We texted back and forth a little more, with me trying not to steal the puppy back but desperately wanting her.

I went that night and got our puppy back!

Ashley LOVES puppies! -Especially ones that love to snuggle-

We love her so much now! We still have to work out some issues with her. She is slightly psychotic. :) Anyone that is pro at training dogs I'd love your advice!

I know we are crazy! Who gets a puppy when they are pretty much 6 months pregnant?!?
My belly has popped & I couldn't be more in love...

Pippa already looks so much bigger and cuter to us after just about a week.