Monday, November 24, 2008


So I just started to learn how to do photoshop. It's been a lot of fun to try and make scrapbook pages without all the mess and crooked edges. It's also been really time consuming, but I really enjoy it. I was really excited when I got the e-mail about a FREE snapfish book, but I'm an IDIOT and I thought the deadline was yesterday, but when I went to purchase it online I was really sad to realize the deadline was Saturday. Oh well right. It's given me something fun to do for awhile.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Our First Obama Sighting!

On Saturday we both got up close and personal with the
President Elect, Mr. Obama. I was working out when secret service men started roaming around, so I knew he'd be coming. I didn't know I'd still be on the bike an hour and a half later waiting for the man. Sure enough he did come walking in. He walked right in front of my machine, got on a treadmill and walked while he read the paper. A little strange to have the President Elect working out in the same small room with you. How do you not, at least a little bit?
Then Jared was leaving the apartment and when his elevator opened the secret service told him to wait there. Unexpectedly Mr. Obama was right there! He turned and looked Jared in the face. Jared nodded, and Obama nodded back.
It feels like a movie when you walk through the halls of your building and there are secret service people roaming everywhere in their black coats.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday Ice Cream!

I love Sundays! It has been so fun to be with Jared for all three hours of church. We love teaching the five year olds! Church was really funny yesterday because it was the Primary Program. The kids have so much personality and energy! I love it. They are seriously hilarious.I couldn't help but but get the giggles on stage. Between children screaming the songs in my ears, pushing each other to be in the front, and spontaneous outbursts whenever it got quiet, I just couldn't help but laugh. Our kids definitely weren't the most well behaved kids, but by the third hour of church what five year old wants to sit still and be quiet? I'm almost convinced it is impossible for some children. :)
I also love Sundays because it means homemade ice cream! Since we've been in Chicago we've made ice cream every Sunday. It's been a lot of fun to try to new things! I love that Jared loves this tradition. Without fail, he insists we make it on Sunday, even if we just had dessert at a friend's house, had a big dinner, or it's 11'oclock at night. If I suggest making it a different night he responds with, "What's today? What day do we make ice cream? I'm going to pretend you didn't ask that." Secretly when I was in Iowa he even tried to make it without me. I think he realized he does need me.
The picture is of this weeks vanilla bean ice cream and Grandma's chocolate sauce! It was really good! It called for a real vanila bean which we thought was fancy. My college roommates who saw me eat nothing but, cereal, quesadillas, pasta roni, and gushers would be shocked to know I actually have been cooking.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween at Heather's

This last weekend I went to Heather's house! It was so much fun to spend time with her and her cute girls.I love them so much! Hallie was so cute trick-or-treating. She was all for it! Peyton is such a cute baby! She's so happy and cuddly! It was fun to see Hallie be such a great big sister. She's always kissing her and saying, "Pey Pey. Hi sweetheart. Hi." She also carries her baby around all day mimicking Heather by changing her diaper, wrapping her up in a blanket, feeding her etc. I'm so grateful that Heather and Aaron would let me come and stay! It was great, especially since Jared was in Indiana.