Monday, January 31, 2011

I chopped my hair!

I feel like my hair has been the same forever! This was a much needed change!

Wow. Did it always look that nasty in back and I just didn't know?

A little emo? maybe.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jared's 27th Birthday!

Jared's birthday is the day before Christmas Eve, which means it can easily get mushed into everything else. So I was thinking it would be fun to get away and go to a nice hotel to celebrate. Jared didn't think that was such a good idea. Instead he wanted to go laser tagging. So we went with my family and it was so much fun! It was pretty hilarious. I think my mom only shot about 4 people in the entire hour. I was the MVP for my team! I guess I have some secret skills. It was just us in the whole place with one other birthday party. The birthday boy was 10.

It was such a fun day. I love this boy so much! Sharing our lives together is so much fun!

Candy Works

Jared and this little cutie were buds over Christmas. I'm not sure if it was the candy at church, or candy for hugs exchanges, but Jared did win Peyton over. This is so attractive to me. Love him.

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning

On Christmas Eve we always go to my Aunt Dicksy's house for a party. It's so great to get together with everybody!
We started the night off with our traditional bingo game with awesome prizes.

My Mom led all the kids in some Christmas songs with the bells. The kids loved it.
Jordan and Carston being the Innkeeper and Joseph in the Nativity play. Carston even memorized his part!

Jared being the donkey.

Singing some Christmas Hymns on Christmas morning before we open presents. I love this tradition.
Two very excited girls!
Jared and me on Christmas morning.

I told Jared all I wanted for Christmas was for him to give me one of his ugly shirts. Does that make me an awful wife? He gave it to me and I cut it up. Good riddance.

This year for Christmas my sister Natalie made my mom a headboard and we got her bedding to go with it. She hasn't had a headboard since forever. I love her reaction! She is so fun to buy for because she is so appreciative! We love you Mom and Dad!


This year we went to my house in Utah! Everyone was able to be home for Christmas and it was so great! I love my family so much!
My Mom and Dad decorated the house so beautifully!

The awesome snowman Dustin built with the girls.

We got to see Dustin's mail truck. He is the cutest mailman ever.

Lots of little girls having fun!

My cute Grandma Janice after she came over for a haircut.
Aaron, Jared, and Dustin before they went skiing!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love this.

I'm a little obsessed with this song right now. Love it.