Tuesday, September 28, 2010

23 Years Old!

My birthday was the day before we left to San Antonio. I can't believe that I'm 23... I still feel like I'm 18. Does everyone feel like they look exactly the same as they did in highschool? or am I just kidding myself? or do I seriously still look like I'm 18?

It was a fun day and I'm so grateful for everyone that made me feel so loved! Barbie and Josh are the greatest friends we went over to their house for games and they made cupcakes and even had balloons. They seriously are the best!

San Antonio

We were able to fit in one last summer vacation to San Antonio where we met up with my family. We had lots of fun playing games, shopping, riding horses, swimming, shooting guns, and just relaxing. It was so fun to just be together. We missed you Dustin and Jordan!
Heather made me a birthday cake and we had fun celebrating.
The family - I wish Heather wasn't behind the camera!

I have the best mom and sisters ever! I love each of them so much! Who does their beautiful hair?

We decided shooting skeet is harder than sporting clays.

I only shot one, but it was fun!

Riding Horses

We couldn't get enough of this little stinker. Jared thinks she's the only one that likes him. That could be because he buys her candy. :)

The pool was lots of fun! There was a wave pool, a lazy river, a big slide, and lots of stuff for the little kids.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

when it rains it pours

In the last hour 3 potential employers have called me and another one emailed me. Things just may work out. {Let's cross our fingers}

This pic. came from here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tall Ships

We love boats. Navy Pier had a bunch of tall "pirate ships", so of course we went! I even bought an eye patch just for fun.