Monday, February 25, 2013

{ 10 } months have flown by!

Jack @ 10 months
  • Can eat a whole chicken nugget by himself.
  • Loves throwing anything he can get his hands on. 
  • Is obsessed with balls.
  • Still thinks peekaboo is loads of fun.
  • Doesn't cry when I drop him off at the gym.
  • Pulls himself up on everything. 
  • Loves pulling out all the DVDS.
  • Can finally pick the right hand when Jared hides the ball. 
  • Has green smoothies every morning.
  • Loves to be outside. 
  • Still won't tolerate baby food or anything that resembles it.
  • Smiles on demand when you pull out his binky.
  • Loves digging through stuff. (Toy boxes, garbage, draweres etc.)
  • Just started watching a baby music DVD and loves it!
  • Loves pizza Mondays at our house! 
  • Has started to torment Pippa a little even when she is in her kennel.
  • Loves the keys and Pippa's leash.
  • Is absolutely my favorite little person ever! 

{ love is sweet }

{ christmas }

There is something kind of magical about having a sweet little baby in the house at Christmas time. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

{ 8 } & { 9 }

Jack @ 8 and 9 months. 

Things I want to remember about my little Jack at 8 & 9 months:
- He started army crawling at about 8 months and by 9 months he had it down! 
- He breathes so loud! He plays so hard that he is constantly panting. It's not easy being a fatty.
- I swear the other babies at church are drugged. They just chill and are in and out of sleep in their parent's arms. Jack on the other hand is constantly wanting to know what is next! 
- He loves the bath! He has a toy ship that he loves! He'd stay in there for an hour if I let him. 
- Jared loves playing with him in the bath! Sometimes I find him completely soaked (clothes and all) in there with him. 
-He went through a major mommy stage where he only wanted me. (Even though it was a pain sometimes, it does sort of melt your heart to be wanted so much.) Probably around 7 months to 8 1/2 months it peaked.
- Still not a snuggler. Loves his own bed and space for sleeping.
- He won't touch babyfood. He likes what we eat. His favorite foods are: Cafe Ro beans, spaghetti, hamburger, green smoothies, cheese bagels, wheat bread, sweet potatoes (sometimes), and bananas.
- He cried for the first time when Jared left for work. (9 1/2 months)
- He is always saying Dada... He doesn't know what he's saying. Of course his first word will be mom. :)
- His favorite thing was my phone and now it is my keys. Sometimes fits are thrown because I have to take my keys away to drive. Pippa's leash is a close second. 
- He is into the cupboards and pulling up on things. 
-He LOVES Pippa. He squeals and kicks every time he sees her. He thinks she is playing with him, but truly she is terrified of him. He may or may not have grabbed her ears really hard. 
-  He loves making sounds. Banging things together is his favorite past time. 
-He hates getting his fingernails clipped. Seriously. It's more traumatic than shots. And it has to happen about once a week. It's my least favorite thing.
- I left him with strangers at the gym for the first time. He did great! Thankfully. I was worried as any first time mom would be. 
- He likes to swing and loves just being out where he can look at people.
- He is a little shorty! He is 15th percentile for height. His face is deceiving. That doesn't look like a kid int he 25th percentile for weight to me!
- We gave him some sweets and he LOVED it. As any normal human being would.