Friday, March 13, 2009

break the ice

Last week this is what Lake Michigan looked like. Cold right? We had fun trying to break the ice by throwing rocks and trees at it. We couldn't break it, so Jared thought we should try walking on it. Luckily I was the grown up and said no. Chicago is such a pretty place even in the winter, but I'm really excited for spring! I heard a man singing to his child on the street, "The sun will come out in June..." Does he know something I don't know? Hopefully springtime will come before then.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happiness :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why Jason is a Skeeze

1. He was on the bachelor TWICE, and he's a father. That's a lot of time to be taking a break from the whole Daddy role, and way to be a great role model for his son.

2. He cries too much. Seriously, who feels bad for this guy? He's successful, attractive, comes from a nice family, has millions of dollars, and can take his pick from a lot of great girls. Stop crying!

3. He doesn't say it like he means it. He's dangerous because he is so good with his words. It'd be easy to forget that he's completely being a jerk and screwing you over while his flowery words about feelings pour out of his mouth. Those are the worst kind of men. The ones who are upfront about being jerks are at least honest.

4. He claims that he is 32 and can't control the way he feels. Come on!!!! Please tell me he doesn't completely believe that. Being a mature committed adult is about controlling how you feel. If you can't manage that at least control how you act. It was not necessary to break up with Melissa on TV and then shove his tongue down Molly's throat. Let me guess, he couldn't have controlled that either. Nobody is saying he should have married Melissa if he didn't love her.

5. He thinks that one day he'll be friends with Melissa. Ewww. Who's he thinking about there? HIM, and only Him, of course. Melissa will not want to be friends with him, and Molly, who he loves so much, certainly wouldn't want them to be buds either.

6. It's all about PASSION for this sleezeball. Maybe this will come to a surprise to him, but the commitment factor does sort of extinguish the passion, to an extent. You have to work to have passion in your relationships, especially when you're in it for the long haul.

7. He's sort of boring. Yeah he takes them on great dates, but that's called money not personality. I wasn't impressed by his sense of humor or conversation skills. I know I didn't see a lot, but still.

8. He needs to get off of his high horse.

9. He makes me want to vomit.

10. Melissa is the greatest! Shame on him.

Yes, I really did just post about Bachelor. I really should find something more productive to do. But I was sucked into this show over Christmas Break thanks to Heather and Elise, and the end was awful! So this is me venting about the stupid slimeball Jason.