Saturday, June 27, 2009

Regina Spektor

Jared got us tickets to Regina Spektor for my birthday. The concert is September 12th and I'm super excited! I love her. You should listen to her music. It will make you happy.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

* I love my Dad*

I love my dad. He is such a good man. I'm so grateful to have him as an example in my life. He has always supported me. As my sister put it, he's the man behind the camera of our lives. When I look at pictures of my life it is tangible reminder of how lucky I am to have a father who was, and is, such an active part of my life. He was there for everything and was sure to document it with film. He sat through every dance recital- even if it was the same recital three nights in a row. He sent me off to all of my proms and was sure to meet my dates. (& he was protective enough to give them what me and my sisters call the look.) My dad was there on the family vacations and trips to the park. He was there for the holiday traditions. I never remember being let down because he had failed to show up. He truly is a remarkable man.
I'm so grateful for the life that my dad chose to live. He didn't grow up with a father in his home because his father was an alcoholic. It is incredible to me that my dad was able to break the cycle and live a wholesome and respectable life.
I have nothing but respect and love for my dad. He loves to laugh and joke. His children never question his love for them, and his grandchildren adore him. He is honest and kind. He is gentle and very patient. He is wise and genuine. He really is such a wonderful and unselfish man. My respect has grown for him over the years as I watched him help care for my grandparents. I think it takes quite the man to live with the inlaws for 17 years. He never complained and was able to manage sharing a yard, a lack of privacy, 3 hour trips to wal-mart,and spray paint on the house. He also didn't complain about the time my mom sacrificed to be with them. He's such a wonderful and supportive Dad. I love him and think he is just the best!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

.an END and a BEGINNING..

Jared is finishing up with his 1st year finals! Tomorrow is his last one! We both are excited for that! He's been working hard and putting in a lot of time. I'm really proud of him! He's awesome. It's crazy that we only have 2 years left of law school. This year has gone by really fast!
I started hair school and I love it! It is a lot of fun. I really enjoy the people that I'm with all day and I love learning the skill. I'm so grateful everyday that I get to be there. Jared calls it a feel-goodery- we have pow wows in the morning, break rituals, dance parties, home play, and use scented markers to take notes. :) We also talk chemistry and memorize a lot.

Funny moments:

Today as I was sitting in the parking lot a man walked over and peed. Right there. In daylight. On a busy street. I was worried that he was going to flash me when he started messing with his pants, but no, he just had to go.

A girl was asking me if I'm really married?
I said yes.
She said no, like really married, some people just say they're married, are you really married?
hmmmm... are there really people out there claiming to be married that aren't? Should I be asking this same question to my friends? Who are all these posers?

Monday, June 1, 2009

To Happiness {Chelsey}

( I stole this idea from another blog)

1.That moment when driving down the road in a new city, you realize that it feels like home.
2.Watching the sailboats from the living room window.
3.Hearing “I’m happy for you” from those you love most.
4.Starting your own family traditions, like making ice cream on Sundays, with your new husband.
5.Hearing children's laughter.
6.Going to bed and waking up in arms that truly love you.
7.Waiting for something you want, not giving up on it, and then getting it!
8.Seeing God’s hand in life and seeing the “why?”
9.New flat shoes and light pink lipstick.
10.Rollerblading on the lake trail and feeling the sunshine after a LONG winter.