Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This is what I thought I was ordering.

This is what came out.

I was a little surprised.

According to Wikipedia sweetbread is actually the culinary name for the thymus (throat, gullet, or neck sweetbread) and the pancreas (heart, stomach, or belly sweetbread), especially of the calf.
Nasty! Pretty sure I would have preferred bread that was sweet.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Wow! It's been three months since I last blogged. I think it's time for a catch up. We have had a busy and fun summer! Right after Jared finished his last final we packed up the car and headed out to Texas. Jared's parents were nice enough to let us live with them while Jared did his internship at Baker Botts. Jared was super busy with work assignments, commuting to work, law review, applying for clerkships, and lots of social events put on by the firm. I on the other hand was not so busy, but I did manage to have a great time. Highlights of the summer include.

1. My sister Heather and I drove to Arizona with her two sweet girls. It was a long drive, but they seriously couldn't have been better. Arizona was so much fun! I love just being with my family! Almost everyone was able to make it. We missed you Jared, OB, and Jordan.

2. I babysat my sweet nieces Hallie and Peyton for a week while my sis went to Cancun with her hubby. I had so much fun swimming with them twice a day, painting, storytime, games, bubbles, painting nails etc. A huge thank you to Tracy and Kev for letting me tend at their house and to Ashley for helping me out so much!

3. I crafted with my mother-in-law Tracy. I finally took my sewing machine out of the box.

4. Jared's firm took us shooting. I shot my first shot gun and Jared was able to shoot an automatic. That may have been one of the happiest days of his life.

5. Jared and I read the Hunger Games series together. They are such great books!

6. Played lots and lots of games with the family- Ticket to Ride, Bang, Bonanza, Liars Dice, Pounce, The People Game, Mario Brothers, Rock Band, etc.

7. I was able to do some hair! Hopefully I'm not too rusty.

8. I went home to Utah! It was SO great to be back! It had been over 7 months since I'd been home! I loved seeing everybody so much!

9. I was able to drive down to San Antonio and help my sister with Hallie's princess party. It was so adorable! I loved every second of it!

10. We took a trip to Cozumel! It was so nice to just be together and relax.

11. We celebrated our 2 year anniversary. So lucky to be in love.

12. We went to the American Idol concert! I surprised Jared, mostly because I didn't think he'd be excited. He was a pretty good sport though.

13. Jared was able to get in some golfing with his dad and Adam.

14. I read some really great books, The Help, The Giver, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, The Last Song, There Are No Children Here.

15. Jared got an offer at Baker Botts! We are SO excited about this! I'm so proud of him for all of his hard work, and I know that we are truly blessed!