Thursday, August 14, 2014

Connor { Months 1-6 }

{ Connor Briggs Meier }


{ February 12th 2014 }
  • 7 lbs 15 oz & 20 1/2 in. long.
  • 1 Day Late. Thankfully he waited for Jack to finish a throw up bug the day before.
  • Completely Natural! Even though I always planned on having an epidural.
  • Born 2 1/2 Hours after I got to the hospital.
  • Started sucking his thumb right after birth- but didn't turn out to be a thumb sucker
  • Healthy, dark hair, such a sweet temperament. I couldn't be any luckier!
  • The second time Jack came to the hospital Connor was away having a procedure done and Jack walked by everyone else pulled up the covers and said,  " Where's Connor?" as if we had hid him under the blankets.
  • The nurses thought it was so sweet that Jared was singing to him while I showered the night he was born.
  • We brought him home on Valentine's Day. My mom and Heather and her kids were here to welcome us. It couldn't have been more fun! They all adored him!
  • Jared took 5 weeks off work. We had so much fun and took this sweet baby all around the town! He went to the rodeo, zoo, movies, parks, library, museum etc. in his first month of life.
{ 1 Month }
  • Sweet patient baby. Seriously hardly cries.
  • When he would wake up in the night I'd just hear grunting- not even a real cry.
  • His hair started to fall out... sad day to see it all over the sheets.
  • Jack always was saying "Connor's nice." "Ohhhhh" as he pretty much smothered him.
  • 5 1/2 weeks first smile! We were in YW and I knew for sure he was smiling at me. What a sweetie! 
  • 5 1/2 weeks he also got stepped on for the first time by Jack. Jared was on a conference call at the time. I grabbed him and ran out the front door.
  • Jack was sweet for the most part, but he did occasionaly announce that he was going to hit Connor and proceed to hit him. "Hit Connor!" It wasn't personal he would hit me too.
  • I'd call him an angel all the time. One day Jack got in his rocker and started to act like a baby and said, "I'm an angel."
{ 2 Months }
  • Slept through the night for the first time on April 20. (9 weeks old)
  • Hardly ever cries
  • Makes adorable noises
  • Has been stepped on  and hit in the face with s football. Jack .  :)
  • Jack adores him. " Connor you want to play?" " Ohhhhhh Connors nice". "Connor walk."

{ 3 Months }
  • Smiles all the time.
  • Has the brightest blue eyes that just melt your heart.
  • Went to sea world and had a blowout in the first 10 minutes.

{ 4 Months}
  • Still the sweetest baby.  He hardly ever fusses.
  • Will still sometimes fall asleep in my arms.
  • So strong.  He practically does sit-ups in his car seat.
  • Still sleeps through the night.
  • He always wants to be upright and see what is going on.

{ 5 Months }
  • Jack still loves his little brother. He shares toys with him and "reads" books to him.
  • In the car Jack is always saying, "I want Connor to wake up!" Even though Connor can't really do much with him.
  • We spent a month in Utah! Everyone adored him and talked about how he never fussed. We played hard and he just went along with it all.
  • He wouldn't take the bottle on the flight home. He went about 7 hours without eating.
  • Can sit by himself. (5 1/2 months)
  • Loves watching Pippa.

  • { 6 Months }
    • Smiles all the time- Jared says it creeps him out. He'll just look over and see Connor staring at him with a huge smile.
    • Laughs at Jack and Pippa the most.
    • Can army crawl forward a little.
    • Easy going, happy nature.
    • Loves to put anything and everything in his mouth.
    • Has started eating solids-doesn't seem to love them, but doesn't hate them. He seems interested. First food was carrots.
    • Does not bend well. (He has never been good at bending! He always goes stiff.)

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    Afton said...

    Oh my goodness, he is adorable! And sounds like the perfect baby; sleeping through the night at 9 weeks? Doesn't fuss? Amazing!