Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{ September }

Noah's Ark Pool

It was fun to have Mimi and Grandpa Kev come and join in the fun!

Thirsty at the park.

He is always sticking out his tongue! I think it helps him concentrate.

How could you not adore this face?

I love seeing Jared be a dad. He loves this kid.

Jack didn't like the foam at Toddler Tuesday.

Jack loves the dog park and the puppies love him!

 I tagged along on Jared's Saturday doughnut run with Jack! He told me I'm not invited again if I take pictures.
Jack is super helpful when daddy works from home. Which has been every night these days.

We had an etiquette dinner with the youth!

I celebrated my 26th Birthday! What more could a girl want than to eat a Sprinkles cupcake with her baby.
Happy Birthday to me!

Stake Youth Dance! Definitely got asked to dance... 26, pregnant, and mistaken for a youth. :)

Lunch date with Daddy!

 The Maroneal Park is my favorite!

 Having a dog at meal time means everybody wins!


Natalie said...

love it! you are the sweetest!

tracyjmeier said...

Been waiting for this. I love the pictures. I love you and your little family too, I love the picture of Jack helping Jared work at the computer. I am sure he was a lot of help.